Yellow Submarine (1968)

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Yellow Submarine full movie NetflixStreaming Yellow Submarine Full Movie on Netflix US. The Blue Meanies take over Pepperland, draining it of all its color and music, firing anti-music missiles, bonking people with green apples, and turning the inhabitants to stone by way of the pointed finger of a giant blue glove. As the only survivor, the Lord Admiral escapes in the yellow …

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Genres: Fantasy, Music, Animation.
Original Title: Yellow Submarine
Release Date: 17 Jul 1968
Language: English
Production: United Artists
Country: United Kingdom
Runtime: 90 min

Director: George Dunning
Producer: Al Brodax
Screenplay: Al Brodax
Editor: Brian J. Bishop
Stars: Paul Angelis (Chief Blue Meanie/George/Ringo (voice)), John Clive (John (voice)), Geoffrey Hughes (Paul (voice)), Peter Batten (George (uncredited, voicing only first half of film)), Dick Emery (Jeremy Hilary Boob, Ph.D. - Nowhere Man/Lord Mayor/Max (voice)), Lance Percival (Old Fred (voice)), John Lennon (Himself), Paul McCartney (Himself), George Harrison (Himself), Ringo Starr (Himself),

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