Terror Tract (2001)

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Original Titles: Terror Tract
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Comedy.
Release Date: 2001-06-27
Language: English
Production Company: Giant Leap Entertainment
Country: United States of America
Runtime: 96 min

Bob Carter, a suburban real estate agent, tries to get a kindly couple, Allen and Mary Ann Doyle, to buy a house only to give them horrifying stories about the pasts of three of them. In the first story Nightmare a businessman discovers his wife cheating on him only to be killed by his spouse and her boyfriend in which she begins having dreams of her husband not staying dead. The second story Bobo involves increasing fear and paranoia from a kindly family man whose young daughter finds and adopts a stray monkey who turns out to be more than meets the eye. The third story Come To Granny involves a trouble teenager with psychic abilities who visits a therapist to warn her that she happends to be the next victim of a vicious serial killer called The Granny.

Director: Lance W. Dreesen
Casting: Jory Weitz
Screenplay: Clint Hutchison
Editor: Scot Scalise
Stars: John Ritter (Bob Carter), David DeLuise (Allen Doyle), Allison Smith (Mary Ann Doyle), Rachel York (Sarah Freemont), Carmine Giovinazzo (Frank Sarno), Fredric Lehne (Louis Freemont), Wade Williams (Clay Hendricks), Katelin Petersen (Jennifer Gatley), Jodi Harris (Carol Gatley), Brenda Strong (Dr. Helen Corey),



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