Campfire Stories (2001)

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Original Titles: Campfire Stories
Genres: Horror,
Release Date: 2001-10-01
Production Company:
Runtime: 95 min

Two teens on their way to a backwoods party come across a beautiful young woman having car trouble. Their search for help only gets them lost, deep in the woods, where they meet Forest Ranger Bill with a penchant for scary stories. The campfire flickers long into the night as the ranger uses words to weave his tapestry of terror, filling their young minds with a host of horrific images that will be burned into your consciousness long after the fire’s last embers have gone out. Insane doctors, Indian ghosts, bad drugs, a deranged handyman with shiny new shears – all that and more awaits anyone brave enough to stay until sunrise… if you live that long!
– Written by Schleppy

Script Supervisor: Stephanie A. Marquardt
Casting: Adrienne Stern
Writer: Bob Cea
Editor: Jordan Mokriski
Stars: Jamie-Lynn Sigler (Natalie), Rob McElhenney (Ricky), Charlie Day (Joe), John Hensley (Donny), Joshua Harto (Teddy), David Johansen (Ranger Bill), Perez Hilton (Kenny), Beckie King (Petra), Kevin Thoms (Robby), Kerry Butler (Beatrice),

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